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Jun 27, 2020

It is the fifth time that I try to reboot this exact blog, and no doubt this is the most successful attempt, I have consecutive 12 posts written, including this one. But all previous attempts failed, only 3 articles in 7 years, and years ago I have even shut down this blog for a long period. I can’t recall what makes me this decision of closing blog, maybe most posts are programming related and become obsolete because technology evolves fast.

However, I decided to reboot my blog and written an article to summarize past years. That time I also removed the Google Analytics tracking code because I was never that naive boy who would trust a monopoly any more. The analytics from cloudflare still make me shocked that my old blog have about 200 unique daily visitors, and dramatically increased to about 1,000 this time when I started writing every day. And my visitors are also very diverse in countries.

blog visitors

blog countries

But that’s almost the only article for that reboot, I ask myself what prevented me from writing in those previous reboots, were there any obstacles? I don’t think so. What differed this time from previous ones? I can come up with nothing, because this time I even begin with a similar post Hello World Again.

Maybe decisions will only work if you make them many times, make the same decision again and again, until you can finally put your efforts in. I always decide to write because I believe writing is a skill, and a skill would be improved a lot if practiced enough times. Programming is the first skill that I’m confident I’m in some top levels, which I don’t think come as a gift, it’s after hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

After writing 12 posts continuously every day, I have felt much easier to organize ideas and publish it faster. Another improvement is that I’m capable of expressing opinions instead of plain technology tutorials only.

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