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Tough to Start

Jul 12, 2020

This week I have 2 distinct days without publishing some posts, because I’ve spent most of the time on collaborating with the team about the next important and critical improvement for Mixin Kernel.

A critical improvement sometimes means a substantial amount of code refactor, and it’s the case this time, we are parallelizing the graph loop to increase the snapshot verification performance. Fortunately we finally clear out the obstacles and straighten out the process to implement it with some pseudocode. I know we do need some tough time on finishing the code, but the toughest time has gone.

Some people call me a genius programmer, think I have the ability to finish everything important within weeks or even days. They get this impression by examining my GitHub commits, they find only hundreds or thousands of lines code, all committed in days. However they won’t be able to see the mass underneath an iceberg, the code and commits are the smallest part floating above the sea level. To formulate the iceberg, a long time should pass, and suddenly it drops to the sea, magnificent.


A magnificent piece of code is produced very similar to the berg formation, for our this specific refactor, we have about two years on thinking about it. We knew it’s very possible, and we made a working and easy testnet, during the process we kept improving our design. And finally we think it’s time to build it, then squeeze ourselves to prepare all our thoughts into a working proposal, i.e. the most difficult period, both mental and physical.

Many people eliminate those tough time when they speak about their success, to make others admiring them as the smartest one in the world. But pretty is never easy, even for the smartest one in the world. You spend hours on bicycling up a mountain, and when you are at the top you know it’s the time, overcome your fear and step on the paddle, rush down to your target. Passerby will say OMG, GENIUS, but you won’t hear that because they have been left very behind.

Tough to start. But if you started, it would mean something.

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