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Jul 09, 2020

I’m a skater boy, a very entry level guy, who can stand up on the board without falling down. Actually I know nothing about skateboards. About 7 years ago, as early as I started this blog, I bought my first board, which was pretty smaller compared to those most common freestyle skateboards, and looked like a fish. Then I knew it was a 22” penny skateboard from where I don’t remember.

penny skateboard

I spent about 2 hours to learn standing on it and then I was able to commute with it, since my home was only about 1 kilometer away from the office. Why did I learn skateboard? To stay cool just like the cool title of this article? To try something from the single of one of my favorite singers since my high school?

But I realized a very important thing from skateboard is that it’s better to stick to the most important factor to learn something, for skateboard, it’s standing up on it. However to master something to the skilled level, you need endless practice. Then I wondered why isn’t there some app or website to teach people the most important factor of something, we already have most of our knowledge on the Internet and we have powerful Google to crawl and index them day and night, we have Wikipedia to crowd editing articles, but no well known place to help someone outside into something.

I wanna build some place like that. I always have ideas, a few days ago I wanna a website to review and rate open source software for programmers. Before I published this post, I ordered a normal sized skateboard, with Stay Cool printed at the bottom. Then I was eager to have a place to recommend good things regardless of price tag, we already have countless online shops to show us the most cost-effective things. Why still no well known shop to sell all kind of good stuffs.

I then realized that there may already be these kind of places but I can’t find them, because they are not popular. Then what’s the problem here? Perhaps it’s Google. What’s a good Google then?

You ask me what’s up, I don’t know why, I have nothing to write.

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