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Opinions are Facts

Jul 18, 2020

It’s not rare that I am frustrated when my words are improperly interpreted by others, and I usually blame language is impossible to precisely describe facts, which leads to endless misunderstanding and chaos. But this morning after staying awake for a whole night, I sit in the car with a bit not sober mind, listened to songs in foreign languages, for the first time, I started thinking about opinions.

I define a fact as something, and if physicists are correct, those facts are all composited by a few limited kinds of particles. I think the primary purpose of language is to record or express something, and regardless of the things recorded or expressed, the text is always the opinion of the recorder. Facts are made up with particles, while opinions with letters.

How many facts are there in the universe? In my opinion there are countless facts in the universe. How many opinions are there in the universe? I think in most people’s opinions, there are also countless opinions in the universe. Indeed, there are much more opinions than facts, because people usually have different opinions around a same fact. Is it also a fact that there are countless facts in the universe? Is it also a fact that there are more opinions than facts? In my opinion they are only opinions, because they are not composited by particles, they can only exist in forms created by human languages. It seems that whenever I think, speak, or write anything, they are opinions, no matter I describe the color of the sun, or I describe the number of facts.

Therefore another opinion is that there are only limited kinds of particles, particles are the smallest facts. Are there also limited letters? Are letters the smallest opinions? At first I didn’t think so, but when I stared at the map of the car I was shocked that every language or opinion could be translated to machine language. The bits are the smallest opinions, they are limited to 1 and 0. Thinking further, when we describe a fact with a language, we are trying to translate from particles to letters. Imagine an apple, when you try to describe it in every detail in English, you may need billions of letters, in my opinion it is impossible to precisely describe it in English. With a digital camera, we can capture the apple in trillions of pixels, but it’s still not enough to produce the exact same apple in machine language. Translation always miss or change something, but I think machine language is the most efficient one that could translate the apple from a fact to a piece of opinion.

With the opinion that an opinion could be the translation from particles to bits, does it mean machine has its opinion? It sounds unacceptable and weird, then does it mean machine bits are not opinions but facts? More unacceptable. If the machine has its language as opinions, they are human being, if their bits are facts then they create things. But what if machine and human are the same, after all our languages can be precisely translated to each other’s, we can always input our English text into the machine and get back them, no misinterpreting. What define the machine are the bits, so the human the languages. Now that the digital form of an apple described by the machine bits can’t be precisely treated as an opinion or fact, maybe they are also the same thing. Bits and particles may be the same underlying, they both form something, opinions and facts. The facts composited by particles may be the opinions of another kind of thing. The machine opinions made up with bits may be treated as the facts by the opinions themselves, and finally they discover that their facts are all basically composited by bits, i.e. particles.

In the moment I realized the fact or opinion that opinions are facts, I noticed they were similar in all the aspects I could imagine. The opinion of dinosaurs existed and disappeared from the earth could be the fact that a dinosaur game was popular once upon a time; The opinions of a writer have some features called writing gene or fingerprint, and they could evolve alongside the writer growing old, they also does copy and reference, is the fact of biological evolution; The artificial intelligence is something learned from experiences and produced somewhat expected results, but not understandable from the bits level, is the dream of some flesh and blood. I can’t keep going on.

I think, therefore the universe is.

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