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I Must Express My Despression

Aug 14, 2014

Today, I submitted The Technology Behind Shou.TV with title Node.js and WebSocket video broadcasting architecture to Hacker News, which is dead now. I screwed up.

I didn’t use the original title because Shou.TV is not a famous service, I didn’t intend to make it like an ad or something, and I wanted to expose the summary of the blog clearly.

Then I post the HN link to a local Node.js forum http://cnodejs.org (I have removed it) and a WeChat group. The Shou.TV twitter account also re-tweeted the tweet from the HN bot.

Some of my friends may want to help, and posted some comments not following the HN community guidelines. But some comments are just spam, I don’t even know where are they from, e.g. https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=123hai. I started to feel nervous, but not able to do anything.

Finally, the submission is marked dead. :( Really, I feel down and sorry.

I’m among those startup founders who try the best to make a good product, make every details perfect, respect the users in every decision. I’m a programmer who’d love to share the knowledge and techniques, do something important but useless. But we just don’t know how to make a pitch or to market the product.

I feel good now, and sorry to the HN community.