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Hello World, Again

Jun 17, 2020

I realize that I always have ideas flash around, and at most time they are connected to each other. I believed they would form remarkable articles or even books, only if I was able to write them down methodically.

I know it’s good to write down my thoughts, to let people know how I think about things, and of course it will encourage true discussions on ideas and improve me myself from inside. But I still can’t remain committed to writing. I always have arguments on dropping it, either I don’t have good writing tools, or writing costs too much time, or I’m not good at organizing words or sentences.

Needless to say adhere to writing, I didn’t even start it. My first post in this blog was written in September of 2012, it is almost 8 years, and I only have such few articles. Even if I could do one per month, I would still get 100 articles. Shame.

Done is better than perfect. When I wrote my first computer program, I tried to squeeze my potential to write perfect code. I had madness on useless programming syntax sugar, and was crazy on learning new programming languages. The stranger the syntax, the better; the fewer lines of code, the better. If not naturally, it was still very likely, the project was delayed, a lot.

Thank goddess, finally I overcome my madness and learned that a reliable running project is much more important than the language and the syntax. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying I can finally endure shit code. My point is that the reliability and robustness are the goal, I should always have good progress towards the destination.

Then why can’t I upgrade my attitude on writing? What’s my purpose to write? Is it beautiful novels or poems? Ninety nine percent not. I write because it records. There is no matter on whether words gorgeous or not, it just need to keep my thoughts correctly as what I actually think. Even if they are scraped together by random thoughts.

Deliver without fault.

In progress that I dwell.

P.S. I’m using VS Code to write now, highly recommended.

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