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Hello world

Sep 03, 2012

As a programmer, I have been always reading English. But I have never tried to write something in English, now it’s time to hello English world.

Why do I want to write English blog? Only two important reasons:

  • I need to improve my English skills, in every aspect.
  • My programming experiences should be read by more people all around the world.

I’m not a top programmer, but I still need to share my knowledge because I can’t find these knowledge even in English programmers’ world.

At the very beginning, I just wanna blog in my native language, Chinese, for the reason I want to help build rich Chinese technology documents. But I realized that I can help more people if my posts are written in English, and someone or I can translate these posts to Chinese at last. But none would love to translate those outstanding Chinese articles to English.

Anyway, finally, I’m going to blog in English from now on.

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