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Donate Cafe: Accept Bitcoin Donations

Jun 25, 2020

It’s cool to accept donations or sponsorships as a freelancer. Creators have many choices to receive fiat support, from a simple PayPal button to a full Patreon service. And now we open source engineers even have Github Sponsors, someone has achieved the goal of $100k/yr on it.

Bitcoin is hot, but it’s rare to find people accept BTC donations. And even if we find some, it’s not so easy to send BTC to them, either because some weird payment protocol from BitPay, or no feasible way to send it whenever you just wanna donate $1, because the high transaction fee.

Today we launched Donate Cafe, that frictionless service to accept BTC and another 12 popular cryptocurrencies, even possible to donate a single penny! To accept donations with Donate Cafe, a Mixin Messenger account is required, after that donors can send you any supported cryptos from any crypto wallets, no boundaries.

Donate Cafe

With Donate Cafe, people can easily setup a simple profile, e.g. https://donate.cafe/cedricfung, and publish it anywhere to receive donations. And it’s also easy to get a PayPal style donate button to embed it on your blog or GitHub project README file, endless possibilities.

When people donate with a Mixin Network compatible wallet, e.g. Mixin Messenger, they can make micro-payments of any size, in real time. A 6,000+ BTC capacity and a total of about $100M cryptocurrencies secured, mark Mixin Network as the most liquidized second layer for both Bitcoin and other blockchains. The result is many donors are already using Mixin Network and can send cryptos both free and fast, frictionless.

People can of course donate from all other wallets, with only standard blockchain fee applied, no extra fees.

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