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Consistent Thinking

Jul 24, 2020

I don’t live in Silicon Valley, and I don’t write Medium posts either, I haven’t been to Nasdaq after all. But I’m still going to write about thinking, because occasionally people ask me what distinguish myself from others, I do know they don’t care about the answers, but anyway answer won’t hurt.

Sometimes I say curiosity, because I don’t think most adults are curious about things any longer. And I soon notice that the core difference should be consistent thinking, even the curiosity is the result of consistency. Like most adults are not curious any more, that says they are once curious about the world when they are not grown up. The lack of consistency leads to their numbness. In database theory of Wikipedia, consistency maintains database invariants: any data written to the database must be valid according to all defined rules, including constraints, cascades, triggers, and any combination thereof.

Well, it’s weird to start an article with some computer science, but I’m fond of these kind of metaphors since I am a nerd. Consistent thinking is maintaining the brain like an ACID compatible database, all thoughts and data are guarded by rigorous logic. A better image of consistent thinking is walking, on many many lanes. A consistent brain can easily notice an inconsistent one when they argue, like someone stay on a lane can easily distinguish those who change lanes frequently, but not vice verse. A human being is chasing something in their whole lifetime, wealth, health, or happiness. In my opinion, it’s something chases me, and I call all of them opportunities. Opportunities move fast on the lanes, much faster than human being.


Even though opportunities move very fast, they are in some very large time scales, months or years, even decades. Health or some good shape may come in months if you do fitness regularly, but the accumulation of wealth usually takes years. And of course people move much slower than them, always slower, if we want something, we need to choose a lane and keep walking to wait for them to bump into us. You ask why we don’t just sit on the lane and wait for the opportunities to chase us, because you need to have the strength to grab them. There are many lanes, but still too few compared to billions of human beings, when opportunities come, the strongest ones are able to grab them.

There are many cabins of good shape on lanes, and you can always see them not so far away and go to the lane and keep fitness to wait for the opportunity in months. But if you wanna have a billion dollars chasing you, then the cabin is not so obvious, they may be years or decades away from you, you choose a lane based on your knowledge, and after the decision please bet your time on it, think and do consistently. The opportunity will finally bump into you, for sure.

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