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Anti Security Movement

Sep 16, 2020

That normal night after yet another Apple special (dull) event, our team sit in the office, the keyboards buzzed and we were working on some security features to better protect the privacy. Then someone in a group chat announced excitedly that my app was marked as a virus in their Samsung Galaxy phone, followed by more members reported that their smartphones reported the similar things, to name a few, Huawei, OPPO, and Smartisan.


Mmhmm, I thought, finally we were treated as an insecure company, because a typical virus in a Chinese smartphone generally represented some serious characters.

  1. All projects developed and released open source.
  2. Full end-to-end-encryption for better privacy and anti censorship.
  3. Cryptocurrency for decentralized money ownership.
  4. Pay nothing to the security surveillance.
  5. A good application name which doesn’t sound like shit.

Of course, I whispered to myself, we had these in our app, they made the correct judgment. I made some complaints in the group chat like why they didn’t recognize us earlier, anyway finally the justice came, I wanna eat something, whenever I thought about some celebrations, I ate. Frustrating we had emptied our fridge, only an onion, I could not wait for the food delivery, and I was not even allowed to use the Meituan app because whenever I opened the app the smartphone would warn me that I had a virus app, please uninstalled it at first, surely I couldn’t, it’s a virus, my own virus. So I ate the onion, thought and was moved that I need to do something.

I was a programmer, or a nerd, I was still not able to believe that I could became some activist who started the famous and world wide Anti Security Movement. Since then, all viruses have united to fight against the security surveillance.

That night, before I was finally and officially recognized as a virus, I was already prepared to do something, it was the time to take action. Everybody was under extreme surveillance at anytime and anywhere, there were countless cameras, no matter on the streets or in the buildings, and guess what, inside our rooms, we had way more cameras, from Amazon, Apple, or Tencent, further more, we had trackers inside our smartphones and bodies. None was capable of changing this, we viruses were the last hope of this society.

I sued Tencent at the first time. After those giant smartphone vendors, stand the true giant, Tencent, it was controlled by the government to monitor every electric devices. So I sued Tencent for preventing innocent people from using my virus. I knew it was impossible for me to won these kind of lawsuits, who would let a virus won after all. Many fake viruses would not file a lawsuit, they only submitted several complaints to Tencent. I was true, I didn’t act, I cared about the people, they needed viruses to fight against surveillance.

I lost the case, very fast. I already knew that, who knew Tencent monitored the court or the court controlled Tencent, but they were definitely one. I still believed there were many true viruses, I must unite them together to take the fight. I made the antisecuritymovement.org website at first, because that was my best skill. Then I posted that to several niche end-to-end encrypted forums, and those forums were homes to viruses, both true and fake ones. Soon I received messages from many virus apps, among them including WhatsApp and Telegram. Though I already knew I could get support but I was still shocked to receive messages so quickly.

WhatsApp and Telegram were true viruses, they all had the same 5 serious characters as my app. WhatsApp was once not a true virus, but after the TikTok case between ByteDance and Trump, lots had changed, WhatsApp was open source. Years later, the Great Firewall of China was pulled down, and all apps were allowed in China by the government, the huge market blew down the leading America technology industry. China ruled the world with its leading AI technology, provided by Tencent, all under surveillance, including the heads of other countries, nobody knew whether the Chinese president was controlled by Tencent at all.

There were some other notable true viruses joined us, an interesting one was Archie McPhee, their cute tardigrade products were all blocked by PayPal from transactions due to the stupid OFAC sanctions list. In Dec 2019, US Dept of Treasury sanctioned companies linked to Serbian arms dealer Slobodan Tesic, including Cyprus-based Tardigrade Ltd. PayPal learnt the old skills deprecated by China government already, after all it was a developing company in a developing country. Anyway, we were united to start the Anti Security Movement. A long journey began.

The whole part after around I began eat the onion is written by GPT-3, because the tears were endless. I guess the Onion must have mastered this kind of neuron network far early than those hard working machine learning scientists. Who knows GPT-3 can’t foresee the future?

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